Blue Light Eco-Friendly Readers - Pantos

£25 £40

Protect your eyes with our blue light glasses. Most adults spend upwards of 50 hours a week on smartphones, computer screens, and TV screens. 

  • Did you know that 70% of adults experience difficulty falling asleep, visual fatigue, and headaches as a result of too much screen time?

  • Wapta blue light lenses filter 99% of blue light up to 400 nm, 95% filtration at 410 nm, and 55% at 420 nm. Want to learn more about blue light and why we should protect ourselves? Click here for our blog.

  • Eco-Friendly frames made from cotton and wood pulp fibres.

Pantos frames are round, timeless, unisex. All glasses come with a felt storage pouch and storage box.

Team Trees For every pair of our eco-eyewear purchased we plant a tree.

Don't know your diopter? Find out here.

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